Setting up a business in Albania

Establishing a business in Albania is now streamlined with online procedures. This guide offers a concise overview of the registration process, from prerequisites to post-registration steps, ensuring a smooth setup for your venture or subsidiary in Albania.


  • The registration process is entirely online and free to complete.
  • The process must be electronically signed by an Albanian citizen or resident through their e-Albania personal profile. If you're not an Albanian citizen, you'll need an intermediary who is either an Albanian citizen, employee, or registered taxpayer.
  • Prepare the Articles of Association for the new business in Albania. Ensure you include information such as address, legal name, legal seat, capital, object of activity, and personal data of shareholders and/or administrators.
  • Have a copy of the identification (e.g., passport, ID card) of the shareholders and/or administrators ready.
  • Albanian mailing address for company registration.
  • Register for a initial registration electronic signature for the filer of the company. This registration is free, and is typically processed immediately. It can be done at the following link:

Name Verification:

Register the company on e-Albania

Post-Registration Steps:

  • Register the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of the company. This procedure must be done as soon as the administrator receives the electronic signature and no later than 30 days from the opening of the company. This process typically takes 24-48 hours, and can be completed at the following link:
  • Register the company on the fiscal administration system within the first 48 hours of registration.
  • Open a business bank account.
  • Request the electronic fiscal certificate for the operation of the company. This costs 4000 LEK per year. This process typically takes 1-10 days, and can be completed at the following link:
  • Request the electronic signature for the administrator of the company. This costs 4800 LEK per year. This process typically takes 1-10 days, and can be completed at the following link:
  • Obtain an official stamp for the company (optional). This will cost approximately 2500-3000 LEK.
  • When you're ready to invoice and receive payments, purchase a program for issuing electronic invoices. Costs vary based on features. You can check the available options here.

For Branches or Subsidiaries:

If registering a branch or a subsidiary, the parent company must provide additional documents. These documents should be in the original foreign language, apostilled, and will eventually need to be translated and notarized in Albania. Note that timing and costs will vary for this process. The documents that are needed to be submitted include:

  • Authorization from the foreign company or power of attorney from a notary by the legal representative of the company when the application is not made by the latter.
  • The balance sheet of the foreign company for the last financial year, maintained according to the standards required in the foreign country, if the foreign company has been in operation for more than a year.
  • Documentation that verifies the current status of the foreign company, issued within a period of no more than 90 days from the application date, with registration and representation details, including information on whether it is in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • Documentation that verifies the registration of the foreign company in the foreign jurisdiction.
  • Note: All of these documents must be translated into Albanian through an official licensed translator.
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The National Business Center (NBC) is responsible for business registration, licensing, labor inspections, and a variety of other important services.  The contact information for NBC is provided below:

- Address:
Boulevard “Zhan D’Ark”, Property no.33, Military House, Tirana
- Telephone: +355 4 2250066
- Website: