Setting up a business in Albania:

The National Business Center (NBC) is responsible for business registration, licensing, labor inspections, and a variety of other important services. NBC offers a one-stop-shop service that offers business registration with a 1-2 business day turnaround at a nominal cost of ~$1 (ALL 100). The contact information for NBC is provided below:

- Address:
Boulevard “Zhan D’Ark”, Property no.33, Military House, Tirana
- Telephone: +355 4 2250066
- Website:

For an overview of the business registration, refer to the details below:

Obtain a unique Company name, Business Identification Number,  and Registration Certification through the National Business Center.

Can be done in person or online through e-Albania portal; investors must first reach out to NBC for business identification number setup; non-residents/entities will be issued this number for identification and tax purposes. $1 USD cost to set up (100 ALL). NBC website provides a unique company name database for browsing.

        Telephone: +355 4 2250066     |     Email:

Standard information requirements for finishing registration: Company name, business activity, shareholders & percentages, directors, memorandum & articles of association.

Finalize business registration through Municipality Bureau of Internal Revenue Service

Once a business registration certificate is received from the National Business Center, the Municipality Bureau of Internal Revenue Service will send required additional documentation through the e-Albania portal; local & tax fees will be assessed through this office as well. Associated fees depend on the size of the business, but range between $90 USD - 500 (9,000 - 50,000 ALL).

To finalize registration, the following documents will need to be submitted:

  1. Application form
  2. Registration certificate from NBC
  3. the Statue and by-laws of the company
  4. Rent agreement or proprietorship certificate of the Headquarters of the Company

Other requirements to consider when setting up a business:

1- Purchase of pre-printed tax invoices

- According to the Fiscal Procedure Law, newly established companies must reach out to tax authorities to obtain pre-printed invoices with company number on them. Approximately $3.60 (360 LEK) for a batch of 50 (recommended).
- Companies are required under new fiscalization laws to use pre-printed invoices for greater tax transparency and cooperation with EU standards.

2- Employee Registration

Employees must individually file E-sig 27 form at before beginning work .

- After initial registration, the employer must file these documents quarterly (every 3 months) :
1- Declaration of employed persons
2- Signed and sealed copy of payroll
- Failure to register employees at least 24 hours before starting work results in an approximate $10 USD fine (1,000 ALL). No fees associated with registering employees.