Overall Mission

THINK ALBANIA is on a mission to import and propagate the know-how, habits, and mindsets necessary to unleash the untapped economic potential of the people and region. Through this, we seek to create jobs, diversify the economy, and slow the brain drain affecting the country.

To accomplish this objective, we are organized around three initiatives:

   (1) Attract global partners that create jobs and bring expertise to Albania
   (2) Expand access to remote work opportunities for Albanians
   (3) Foster a culture of entrepreneurship within Albania

At launch, our focus will be on attracting manufacturers who can bring jobs and the know-how that is critical to building a vibrant industrial sector.

Background and Inspiration

After years of hermit-style communism that shut it off from the outside world, Albania is opened for business. Now a democratic republic with a strong educational foundation, Albania has undergone dramatic modernization of its infrastructure within the last few decades. This is very similar to where Japan was at the start of the Meiji restoration. During that period, Japan brought in foreign know-how and underwent a metamorphosis from an isolated, feudal nation into a shining example of modern capitalism. Our goal is to be the 21st century analogue, adapted to a world that is technology focused and always connected.


We refuse to think small

We love solving problems

We support eachother, keep our word, and treat others with respect

We foster a culture of growth where feedback and dissent are an obligation

We act with integrity, focus on impact, and care about the greater good

We work healthy

We get it done