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Tirana Moves Forward with TEDA Kashar, a Special Economic Zone for Foreign Investments

Experience Albania's Economic Evolution with the TEDA Kashar Project. A strategic collaboration between the government and Tirana municipality, this 35-hectare Technology and Economic Development Zone is poised to revolutionize industries, create high-paying jobs, and attract international investment.

TIRANA, Albania — In collaboration with the Tirana municipality, the Albanian government is set to initiate the TEDA Kashar project, a special economic zone aimed at attracting foreign businesses interested in investing in the country. Located in the Kashar area near the city of Tirana, the Technology and Economic Development Zone spans approximately 35 hectares, with the possibility of expansion up to 50 hectares.

The project aims to attract a broad range of industries, including automobile manufacturing, information and communication technology, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, and agro-processing.

TEDA Kashar is set to be a game-changer for the Albanian economy. Tirana's Mayor Erion Veliaj previously hailed the project as a transition from low-value-added jobs to higher-paying roles. The project is anticipated to create a job market for 5-7 thousand well-paid individuals.

TEDA Kashar is a greenfield project that presents an opportunity for customized facilities tailored to the needs of specific corporate investments. Located 3 km away from Tirana, 30 km from Durres, and 12 km from Mother Teresa Airport, the selected area is ideal for foreign businesses looking to gain from the benefits of Albania’s dynamic workforce and close proximity to the markets of the European Union.

As of now, the TEDA Kashar development project is making robust progress, gaining momentum in both planning and execution.  In August 2023, the Tirana municipality entered into a strategic partnership with Salillari, a highly-regarded Albanian construction company, to develop the public infrastructure within the zone, which is expected to significantly bolster the area's potential.

The implementation of TEDA Kashar's public infrastructure, and its subsequent monitoring, is a significant step towards establishing this economic zone and promoting industry diversification in Albania, attracting complex manufacturing sectors like automobile, ICT, and electronic equipment industries. Additionally, the potential establishment of data centers has already attracted significant international interest, with many companies from Israel expressing interest in relocating to Albania.

Attracting developers and users is vital for the success of TEDA Kashar. The government has announced various benefits such as on-site customs administration and incentives, including deductions on capital expenses and training costs, exemptions from profit tax rates and infrastructure taxes, and VAT exemptions on goods entering the area.

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