Primary industrial centers of Albania


Tirana is the heart of the economy in Albania.  It is the most industrialized city in Albania and home to much of the country’s economic activity.  The city’s center is a mere 20-30 minute car ride  away from the international airport which means that Tirana is particularly well connected to the rest of the European countries and worldwide. Tirana’s population is booming and it houses many skilled workers as many post university students choose to move to Tirana. Tirana is also a cultural center where music, media, fashion, arts and cuisine meet to make Tirana an unforgettable city. 


Durres leads Albanian economy in transport connections. The port of Durres is one of the largest on the Adriatic sea and it connects Albania to neighboring countries particularly Bari, Italy and Western Europe. It plays an important role in the transportation of goods because it ensures that transportation is low-cost and efficient. Durres is also characterized by beach tourism and urban development. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. 


Elbasan is the former industrial capital of Albania.Industry is the legacy of Elbasan, with many people having seen and being raised believing that industry reflects good work. The existence of industry in Elbasan means that there is particular land in Elbasan that has been zoned for rebuilding industry and factories that may be repurposed. Elbasan’s location is an important strength because it stands near well-developed infrastructure such as roads that lead into neighboring countries. This allows for shipment of goods to be fast-paced and effortless. Elbasan is characterized by its architecture especially in religious buildings such as its churches and mosques. These buildings have become important religious and cultural buildings where art and language have flourished.