Top reasons to invest in Albania

Tirana , Albania
  1. Young + Highly Motivated Workforce

Albania has one of the youngest populations in Europe. Possessing such a population ensures that the workforce in Albania not only exists in high numbers but is also highly motivated. Currently, a large portion of the workforce in Albania is concentrated in agriculture. This means that there  is a high possibility of a transition of the workforce from agriculture to industry. Investing in Albania guarantees a dedicated workforce that is hard to find elsewhere. 

  1. Education

There are many educated people in Albania. In 2019, 22,172 people obtained a Bachelor degree in a STEM field and out of those, 10,707 obtained an Engineering degree. Albania also excels in terms of the amount of people that speak a foreign language. In fact, 39.9% of the population of 25-64 year olds know at least one foreign language. Investing in Albania ensures an easy transition in finding local educated employees who speak a foreign language.

  1. Low Cost Environment 

The cost of production in Albania is ⅕ of the cost of production in Western Europe. The average worker in Albania is paid roughly $3 per hour and currently there are 88,393 people in Albania actively seeking employment. Other important things to note are the low cost of construction and materials that exist in Albania. Investing in Albania ultimately ensures low cost and high profit. 

  1. Proximity to Europe & Access to European Market

Albania has a strategic location in the Western Balkans that  allows for quick transportation with all parts of Europe. Due to improving transport infrastructure, shipping from Albania  is low-cost and easily accessible through ports in the Adriatic and Ionian seas and also via road corridors. Investing in Albania signifies access to the European market and free trade with the European Union. 

  1. Affordable, Renewable Energy

95% of energy production in Albania is renewable and sustainability remains one of the objectives of Albanian energy policy. In terms of sources of energy, Albania mostly relies on hydroelectric sources however renewable energy in Albania does not end there. With over 300 days of sunshine, Albania is fast becoming a destination for solar investments. Investing in Albania means investing in affordable, renewable and clean energy. 

  1. Welcoming Atmosphere 

Albania is characterized by its hospitality. Albanian people are eager to help and do not expect anything in return. Albania harbors a moderate climate where winters tend to be mild and summers tend to be hot and sunny. Albanian cooking is representative of a Mediterranean diet which is primarily focused on vegetables, fruit, fish etc. Food in Albania tends to be cheap, fresh and delicious. Investing in Albania promises access to rich, indulgent food and a warm, inviting atmosphere.